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Social Development in Childhood & Adolescence : a Contemporary Reader

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Product Description


Killen and Coplan have provided a great service to students and teachers. This Contemporary Reader is a valuable contribution to a field that is intellectually rich, but large and varied. The Reader comprehensively brings together an array of topics and readings that are unavailable elsewhere. The choices of topics and readings are right on the mark. The editors′ introductions, commentaries, questions, and exercises wonderfully augment the readings for teachers and students alike. Anyone teaching courses on social development will benefit from this volume.

 Elliott Turiel, University of California, Berkeley

The editors have provided students with an essential opportunity to read carefully–selected original research papers, as well as excellent linking commentaries that bring the material together in a comprehensive and appealing way.

 Joan Grusec, University of Toronto

A wonderful collection of classic and contemporary contributions to the study of child and adolescent social development!  Each section is introduced in an engaging fashion and is followed by clever suggestions for class exercises, debates, and discussion topics.  In this way, the reader is actually more than just "a reader!"  The volume can readily serve as a stand–alone introductory text for upper level undergraduate courses on social and emotional development.  At the graduate level, it would make a very fine accompaniment to an established text in the area of social and emotional development.

Kenneth Rubin, University of Maryland

From the Back Cover
This book provides  a comprehensive overview of the field of social development in a format that is both engaging for students and intuitive for instructors. Integrating the most important articles with tools to help students understand the material, Social Development in Childhood and Adolescence provides a full introduction to the theory and research in this dynamic field.

This essential new student resource:

  • Provides all that is needed for teaching social development with the selection of key topics for a 13–week semester, an introductory chapter with an overview of the field and key questions, introductory text for each of  the  five sections, with extra materials including discussion questions and classroom exercises
  • Covers key topics such as genetics, temperament, attachment, prosocial development, theory of mind, peer relationships, morality, identity, social withdrawal, aggression, exclusion, stereotyping, parenting, and culture
  • Addresses issues related to culture, ethnicity, immigration, and diversity
  • Provides a historical, conceptual, and theoretical overview of social development in the introductory chapter
  • Includes introductory sections by the editors for each weekly topic which define key terms and highlight important conceptual issues
  • Integrates helpful pedagogical material throughout the volume by featuring text boxes that highlight current hot topics and real–world applications

About the Author

Melanie Killen, Ph.D., is Professor of Human Development and the Associate Director for the Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture at the University of Maryland. Her research is on the development of social cognition, moral reasoning, and intergroup attitudes.

Robert J. Coplan, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Pickering Centre for the Study of Human Development at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. His research is on children′s social and emotional development and peer relationships.

ISBN : 9781405197571, Author : Killen, Publisher : Wiley - 2011, Dimensions : 24.7 x 19 x 3.1 cm, Paperback : 608 pages


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